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Terms and Conditions

Your electronic With Our Compliments Card (“Bonus Card”) can only be used at a The Cheesecake Factory® restaurant in the United States of America, including the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and only for payment directly to the restaurant or online at • This Bonus Card cannot be used to pay for delivery orders.   

This With Our Compliments Card (“Bonus Card”) expires 03/31/2021.

• This Bonus Card cannot be redeemed for cash • Please safeguard this Bonus card as it cannot be replaced if lost or stolen • Bonus Card balance cannot be transferred onto or used to purchase gift cards • Bonus Card may not be exchanged for physical With Our Compliments Cards • Where prohibited by law, you cannot use this Bonus Card to pay for alcoholic beverages • This Bonus Card cannot be used for gratuities or tips • Use of this Bonus Card constitutes acceptance of these terms • This Bonus Card is subject to all state and federal laws and regulations, which may change from time to time. Therefore, the terms of this Bonus Card are subject to change without notice.

To find The Cheesecake Factory® restaurant nearest you or check the balance on your Bonus Card, please visit us at thecheesecakefactory.comYou may also check your Bonus Card balance by calling      1-888-891-2429.

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